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It said the data accessed did not contain Pin codes, card verification values CVV or any authentication data allowing cardholder identification or a purchase to be made. Keep all your correspondence in one place Go straight to the correct contact point within an organisation Make use of a series of simple templates to help make raising your complaint as simple and quick as possible Receive reminders when you get a response from a company or organisation Get an automatic notification when it's appropriate to escalate your case to the next management level within a company Package up and send off the whole history of your complaint to an ombudsman or other regulatory body if necessary. Watchdog has had them on the show many a time over the years. It seems to be a global issue too, you hear stories about Best Buy doing similar things in the US so it isn't just a UK problem.

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Currently work in retail, and it's not uncommon for corporate to be completely out of line with dropping staff below them into hot water. This is exactly how it is. They tell the staff that it's all about the customer, then tell then that they have to sell certain percentages of antivirus, extras, care plans, you name it, per laptop for example , and the sales staff have to meet these quotas. Well if the staff probably meaning store managers in this case are violating the policy, they absolutely should be dropped in it.

That being said, head office management also have additional blame for setting up conditions that encourage them to do that. My parents bought my first 'gaming' computer from them for christmas.

It was a present so I couldnt complain. Purchased something very similar on the basis of my mum was financing the whole thing and wasn't allowed to build my own. Combine that with sub-par indepth technical knowledge and you've got a regret on your hands. Thank you to you and Patrick, my dad is buying a new laptop from Currys in a few weeks and have sent him the link. I went a few weeks with him to get an iPad and had to ward off many attempts from the sales person to get him to purchase unnecessary extras, things like a monthly subscription to their own cloud service, I pointed out that he gets storage with iCloud and the salesperson replied but you have to pay for that and theirs is cheaper, I said 'no you don't, mb is free', he agreed but said it wasn't enough for storing music or films, completely disregarding the fact the iPad was already 64gb, more than enough storage.

So Currys salespeople are also misleading people into thinking they have to pay for iCloud and instead go for their service. He then moved on to pushing their Knowhow service and other random things, but by this point my dad just looked at me and I said 'no, you don't need it' and he'd reply 'my tech expert says no'.

I was dreading to find out what they'd manage to sell him when he went to get the laptop, so hopefully this link will help him out. They did the same thing to an uncle of mine that's nearly 60 about two years ago. He had never used a computer in his life the job center told him he needed one and the internet but the bastards sold him all sorts of useless tat he didn't need. They ripped him off rotten the cunts with all sorts of stuff he couldn't use.

They even told him the way to turn the laptop of was by holding the power button down instead of shutting it down proper via windows. To be fair to them you can configure Windows to initiate the normal shutdown procedure when you hit the power button. I have this set up on my gaming PC. However it's only when you configure it, not all computers work this way so it's instilling a bad habit for something that isn't standard.

The laptop wasn't configured in that way, they were just lazy incompetent morons. They were probably hoping that he would break the dam thing and be back to buy a new one in no time.

Get your dad to say "I'd need to run [inane rip-off suggestion] by my son to be sure, so if that's the case I won't be able to buy it today". I think that'll make any smart sales person STFU rather than lose a sale under their name. I want the laptop. I will give you money for the laptop. There is very little or minus margin on laptops. The add ons are essential for making any money. Buy from internet and you'll only have to deal with the crap-ware imaged on from the OEM.

Which is how they make the margin. A plain install brings a laptop - especially a bog standard low to mid range laptop into a loss. Worked for one for 15 years. The fat neckbeards doing the selling were chatting amongst themselves and very pro active on the upsell of av software, laptop cases, 'cloud' storage etc. Anyone with half a brain, look after your family and friends and make sure they know this is a total scam.

Did you say something? I have stopped people before and told them the truth. At first they think you're at it but when they see the sales staff get annoyed they start to believe you. I was pedalling some add-ons for xyz product as per standard thing. Wasn't the greatest product there was, but a little bit of spin with some actual hard truths about them goes a long way. Unfortunately some white knight unrelated to me or the customer decided to try and "save the customer" from my "terrible, terrible lies".

Unfortunately for the customer, he started putting his own spin on his own opinion, rather than the hard facts. At which point I shut down his argument so hard the manager has to intervene and ask him to leave. Moral of the story is: If you don't know your shit, prepare to gamble your dignity.

I worked there part time while I was at uni during the late nineties and early noughties, and the drive then was on selling coverplan. It's all the same bullshit, pressure selling of extra profitable services and bollockings for the sale staff for not achieving targets if they fail. They used to force another sakes person to go and 'double-hit' better known as 'bullying' any customers who wouldn't buy the coverplan, which almost always resulted in a pissed off customer and quite frequently with them abandoning the sale completely and walking.

Management in these places are not the smartest people. I'm more concerned about he miss-selling of a product. Do they make it clear that the Laptops maintain recovery functionality without the USP transfer?

Someone I know was sold a laptop on the Promise it came with Windows 8 Pro , which he genuinely needed to join a domain. I've recently had a different mis-selling problem with Currys PC world. I wouldn't normally have used them, but they had an excellent price after rebate only if bought in store on a very satisfactory laptop, and it was in in-stock at the local CPW just round the corner, so I reserved it for store collection.

When I arrived, I was told that they didn't have any stock, and that it was a mistake, but that the CPW in the next town did have it in stock, and they reserved it for me from within the store on their computer system. I went to the other store to pick it up. In this one, it also was out of stock. The sales assistant was very apologetic, and promised to order it in to the store so that it would be ready to pick up the next day.

Then, there started the hard sell. This is a business purchase, isn't it? I told him it was a personal purchase. In the end, I had to tell him it was a personal purchase 4 separate times, before he appeared to get the message. He then went to the store's internal system, and ordered the laptop.

I paid, and got a till receipt which just said "invoice payment" - not laptop, or anything else. I was told it would be ready the next day. Called the store the next evening. They couldn't trace any order. I was even told that they don't order goods for in-store collection. I gave the till receipt number and order number.

No trace of the order. Another 2 days pass and there is no sign of the laptop. In the end I visit the store. They have no idea what is going on. They can't trace the order. They "don't offer in-store collection". I show them the receipt and they can't trace it. I then wait about 1 hour while they search the store rooms.

They can't find it. In the end, they find it left in a pile of boxes at the back of the shop - not even in a locked store room.

It turns out that the order had been put through as a business order. I was a bit annoyed as it caused a lot of stress not knowing what had happened to my expensive laptop. It also delayed me picking it up and resulting in several wasted journeys and a lot of time in store. I was especially cross at the fictitious business they created for me, in order to get the sale.

Of course, I e-mailed to store manager to complain, twice. I got an automated reply stating that it had been received. No reply or acknowledgement from a real human.

The shop doesn't get to decide whether or not you're a business and which terms apply. You could still have demanded consumer rights. I'll hold my hands up your a very patient man as i would of gone nuclear and twatted fuck out of someone for stitching me up like that. Bought a laptop off them on January 2nd - the staff really don't make it seem like these extras are 'optional' at all.

My girlfriend wanted to buy a new laptop after Christmas and we had read the other thread when it was first posted and were pretty shocked by it all. However, after looking around local businesses and alternatives, PC World was the only place nearby that had the one she wanted HP Pavillion. We popped down there and agreed that if they try and screw us over we'll just walk out.

We wrangled a staff member and they told us they had the Pavilions in stock and he walked us over to them. He instantly went into a ramble about how the pre-set up ones came with a recovery USB as well as McAfee security and cloud storage. When I told him I wasn't interested and that I could set up the recovery drive myself with my own USB stick, he kept saying that you could "only do the set up one time" and this was easier.

He literally didn't make it seem like this was optional and implied that without the pre-set up option I wouldn't even be able to make a recovery drive I'd already seen this young sales assistant make a tit of himself doing the same thing trying to explain to a elderly couple what Steam was and why some laptops didn't come with a DVD drive.

Lo and behold there was a big fuckoff stack of them and we had to wait in a queue to have a sit down with ANOTHER staff member at the checkout who tried the same thing with us. Thankfully, this guy did drop it pretty much immediately when I said I'd already been told about the deal and I wasn't interested, but his colleague behind me had managed to wrangle a family into taking it out on there new laptop.

She even went through a bit of a song and dance saying "I'll just check if we have any pre-set up units" despite there being about a hundred on the other side of the partition. I suspect it's "very popular with customers" because they manage to fool many people with this awful bait and switch. It felt like a timeshare presentation when we had to sit down with the second sales assistant at the checkout area incidentally this wasn't at the normal check out line, it was a small open office near it - obviously only for products where they can add on the Know How extras.

This was a big PC World on an industrial estate Aintree in Liverpool so maybe they try their luck more than the smaller stores? I can't even imagine the amount of people they must have managed to sell the more expensive units to by making out that they only had the pre-set up ones in stock. PC World say that they don't charge extra to people who don't want it, and reality being different. Pushing further will only result in PC World saying that they're very sorry some staff were not properly trained and it's not company policy.

It strikes me that this is no different to PPI. It's a product many people were forced to buy, who were told it wasn't optional. If the product was useful it was vastly overpriced. The best result I can see is that there's much greater awareness of this tactic, so that people don't fall for it and it becomes easier to obtain a refund for those have paid it and didn't want to pay it. So credit to iamnoss for the original thread and for this one, it's been his intent all along to help other people.

I'm starting to think this trail of posts and evident outpouring of anger, tales of similar experiences and genuine rage is somewhat of a call to arms. PC World and the like prey on the fact that a large majority of the populous are not very IT literate, which is where they make their money. I'd imagine most of the physical products they sell come with a very low margin, so they need to upsell the crap to keep them in business and will bamboozle their customers with enough sales patter to extract the cash they need.

Perhaps it's time we started some sort of advocacy group or advice website, speaking in Plain English http: It seems to be a global issue too, you hear stories about Best Buy doing similar things in the US so it isn't just a UK problem. Went into Currys PC World last week with my girlfriend and her sister who needed a new laptop.

Unfortunately, Currys is the only place which stocked the laptop Lenovo Flex 2 at the specs and price she was willing to pay. Whilst we managed to get the laptop without an issues and without any additional software or services, I almost told the sales guy to go fuck himself when he claimed "Last years software wont run on Windows 8".

And by rip them a new one I mean politely decline and go through the perfect argent on my head the day after. Bought one of them from PC World a couple of months ago and my nephew got one for Christmas. I too fended off upselling. You set off each action and let it run its course, it doesn't take 3 hours of a persons time. They run while you are doing other tasks. I nearly had a situation like this recently where my nan wanted a new laptop and asked if I could accompany her to Currys to look at their stock.

The solution was to look online for one instead from a company that had a brilliant idea of just selling you a product without any tacked on bullshit who knew right? I'm assuming you understood and are questioning their shitty grammar, as am I. Rather than 'pre-set up' it should say 'already set up', imo. Their wording is technically correct - items were 'set up..

And if you have any similar stories about other stores, share those too. Happy New Year to you all. I understand why the stores try to push it. All stores have a weekly maximum discount, which is only a couple percent of the stores turnover.

If that gets exceeded, the store managers get a bollocking from the regional manager. Obviously I'm not saying that justifies it, but this kind of thing happens there all the time - upper management in Hemel Hempstead set these targets without considering the effect it will have on how management will run a stir, or if it clashes with another policy etc.

I bought a laptop yesterday where they insisted they only pre set-up laptops even though I asked for just a standard one. After reading the Which? I had a long conversation with Connor at the Nottingham branch who, despite the article being in front of him and me clearly pointing out the 'guidance' from head office, he insisted that I should still pay for the service.

After 15 minutes he did not relent so I said that I would, instead, prefer a full refund. At this point, he went to the back of the store and magically produced the standard laptop without the set-up!

So as well as lying about the availability of the laptop it would also appear that what the PC World spokesperson said it a completely bogus as well.

Dude, just use an independent producer like pcspecialist. I've had mine for a few months, extremely high spec for the price and built for you. Fuck pcworld and branded laptops. I might be sour as my job interview went south after i was naive and said this to the managers who were interviewing me.

This fact is apparently against store policy and so isn't true. This shit is why we need to speak to our friends, family, grandparents and basically everyone more often. We need to share what we know so we can stop others being scammed.

See, to me, the logical thing to do here is have a means by which an employee can reverse the setup process. Yes, it takes a little while, but if it's script based it should be click and go. The buyer can return in a short while to pick up the machine, and everybody goes home happy. I refused and got the computer for the asking price, but he still tried it on. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Want to add to the discussion? Also, please consider using an alternative to Reddit - political censorship is unacceptable. Put off and without the money to also pay for Office they walked out empty handed. I left three hours later. It can happen, if you throw it around in a bag or whatever. I bought one of the official cases and it's been fine in that, not a scratch.

I still bought a third, though, because they're amazing for the price. I've never been back and that was 9 years ago. Next in bear shits in wood. Thats because they are owned by the same company. Every time I look at Maplins they charge ridiculous prices for simple stuff.

Maybe minutes of unattended at the most. Never once did a manager let me take that additional fee off. I did, but that may be because I knew it was bollocks. Disgusting that they won't stick up for their staff. Granted, this was a very, very long time ago and vowed to always do heavy research afterwards. Bastards they are, i hate the company with a passion. Buy laptop when sales guy catches up. You'd be doing the sales guy a favour.

No, of course not. He ended up just using anytime upgrade and taking the cost. I guess it is when the customer is not given any other choice.

Of course, knowing DSG you'd have to take them to small claims to enforce this Not defending their actions at all just giving insight into how it works: I'll never work in retail again. Start and home with the message. That depends on visitors who frequent this Restaurant and suggest corrections if needed, and to a greater extent on Currys PC World representatives who have the option of claiming this page and keeping their information up to date.

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Then let Currys PC World Business supply the technologies and electricals you need to get it right. In store, enjoy expert advice, with access to over 65, business and . About PC World. PC World are the largest specialist electrical retailing and services operators in the UK & Ireland with around stores. Our aim is to give our customers an unbeatable combination of VALUE, CHOICE and SERVICE. We are supported by KNOWHOW – the . Whenever you like, and without buying anything new, you can also take to your local Currys PC World store any electricals or electronics you no longer want for free recycling. We accept everything from computers to toasters, and floor cleaners to TVs, whether bought from us or someone else.