Your ultimate resource for how to wear white jeans and what to wear with white jeans from what works and why plus endless white jeans outfit inspiration! ultimate resource for how to wear white jeans and what to wear with white jeans from what works and why plus endless white jeans outfit inspiration!. •. Made by Gadabout Creative.

I own two pairs of jeans and one pair of black pants but they all need belts or they fall down and get SO droopy. Cage boots will give your outfit a touch of cheekiness especially if they are open toe. Avoid really low rise cuts. Otherwise I like my slim boyfriend jeans. But if you really want them i know for a fact you'll fit in the ones at abercrombie kids.

Miss Me jeans for women offer specialized embellishments that make each pair a favorite closet essential. Each pair of Miss Me women's jeans captures the .
May 10,  · It’s , and you can wear white jeans whenever your little heart desires, whether it’s a 90 degree summer day, or a 20 degree snowstorm in the middle of January. I used to be afraid of white jeans until I started wearing them and discovered that they are a .
Throw skinny jeans in the mix, and we’re likely to have a complete try-on room meltdown. Fortunately, there are some practical guidelines that will ensure you look fab in those skinny jeans and remain sane.
Jeans Skinny, slim, cropped, or straight fits – we’ve got the best denim for men at Urban Outfitters. Shop our men’s jeans in new cuts and washes from brands like BDG, Cheap Monday and Levi's.
White jeans can be unflattering around the hips, but this covers them up nicely while highlighting a slim waist. Layering also works well as it breaks up the Persil-white brightness.
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Get the Skinny on %color %size Skinny Jeans Psst - we'll let you in on a little secret: skinny jeans are the key to mastering this season's hottest trends. Transform the sidewalk into a .

If you are using part of the original hem, press the hem back into place and topstitch the area that was picked out. Or, re-hem with topstitching thread if your thread is not an exact match to the original. Thanks for sharing this.

I know a couple of girls who will love changing their boot cut jeans to some skinny jeans! I need to do this! I have the opposite problem, pants too short! By the way, would your nails above happen to be Jamberry? I know a great consultant. Thanks for a great tutorial. The 70s called and wanted their pants back, so I gave it a try and very happy with the results.

Built on the Genesis Framework. Sara, Canton, Ohio I was searching skinny jeans that didn't make me look like a sausage! LOL so I searched and your site came up. This is my second pair and I adore them I could sleep in them! Thank you so much for making an affordable in style jean without looking like a sausage!

I think I may need one size smaller yippeee so I ordered the same pair in one down size Size Thank You so Much! Vanessa, Lausanne, Switzerland Greetings from Switzerland!!!

While in Chicago, I recently bought two paris of jeans black and dark blue. LOVE the jeans - and have had so many compliments. Karen, Danville, California Thank you for expediting my order so quickly. This first pair I ordered took me almost 4 months to receive. This is actually my 4th pair. I heard about your jeans on television some time ago. My only wish is that at some point you come up with a pair of jeans with some sort of design on the pockets.

I had a design sewn on the pockets of one pair, and received tons of compliments on them. Anyway, thanks again for sending the jeans out already. I will look forward to receiving them soon.

Jocepha, Miami, Florida I saw them in the Oprah magazine and ordered a pair of black skinny jeans and i love them so much that i ordred a blue one. Great pair of jean. Do you make maternity jeans? I am just growing out of my regulars ones that i love and wear every day!! Please let me know! I probably could have done with a size 25, still slightly too big, otherwise perfect.

Marnie, Barcelona, Spain I would now like to buy a pair of white jeans, I do need a size smaller. Please let me know, before I order, as I need them for this party, thanks very much. I finally found them. Thanks so much, I love everything about them. The fit, color style, leg cut and how thin it makes my thighs look. I would like to know if you have an estimate when my lovely jeans will arrive in Santa Barbara - hopefully on Thursday - otherwise, I feel another FedEx emergency in my near future.

Your jeans are the best on the planet - everything and more your site and others say they are! I ordered a pair of jeans in your black wash and I Loooovvveee them. I am a mother of 3 with the newest being only 3 months old and when I put your jeans on I literally looked like I didn't give birth 3 months ago they are amazing I love them and just finished buying another pair in the whiteout color.

These jeans are certainly true to their name they are for sure " Skinny Jeans". I look forward to letting all my friends know about your jeans. Please continue making them.

The best jeans ever Thank-you Alicia, Brooklyn, New York I just wanted to say thank you so much for sending my jeans overnight! I feel like a rock star! I just received them. I live in The Kingdom of Bahrain so they have travelled far. Your sizing chart is right on!

I wish I could buy them in the Middle East. Angeline, Concord, California I just got your Nitewash jeans and they are fabulous! When are you guys going to bring that back in stock? I just had a baby two months ago, so my maternity jeans just aren't quite right for me anymore, and my regular jeans are not even close to fitting yet. My best friend convinced me to try a pair of your jeans because she loves the pair she owns, and I am absolutely thrilled! They hold in my body in the right places and actually make me feel like I can go out of my house again!

Once I hopefully lose the rest of my pregnancy weight, I am going to buy even more in a smaller size! Christina, Hopewell, New Jersey Hi there! I just ordered a white 27 inseam 32 skinny jeans and was wondering if they are in stock? Same name and address as the order I just placed. They are size 27 inseam 32 and I wear them absolutely whenever I can, get many compliments, and find them superbly comfortable!!!!

Thanks for a wonderful product! Sally, Richmond, California hello thanks for the great jeans i'm going to tell all my girlfriends about them! Christy, Atlanta, Georgia Hi! I bought a pair this weekend and just ordered 3 more from your site. I'm 5'8" and a size 14 in some things, size 12 in others. I ordered the 34 waist and though they fit, they weren't tight in the thighs and had a gap at the waist so I returned them and got a size 32, thinking that size would be too small.

Well, I tried them on for the first time yesterday morning and was amazed. Told my husband that he had to take me out last night because I wanted to show off my skinny jeans, tucked into my new slouchy black suede boots. Honey, when I came downstairs with my jeans and boots with 4-inch heels on, my husband's jaw literally dropped. Neither of us could believe how hot I looked I'm 55! These jeans are the nicest I've ever had.

I can't wait to show my girlfriends today, as I wore jeans two weeks ago and they were so baggy in the butt that they told me to throw them away when I got home! Jeans never fit me well, nor do most pants. I have long legs but most pants are always too short in the crotch length -- not these! And I've never had a more comfortable pair of pants in my life. I'm going to get a pair in the light wash, as I got the dark wash so they'd convert to dressy, but now I want them all!

Julia, Chicago, Illinois I have a quick question on your jeans. I just received my jeans on Friday night and think I have to go down a size good news for me. But I wanted to know about washing the jeans. I know about the instructions, but will the jeans shrink at all? For the first time in my life, I am kind of hoping that they will. This is from someone who has the hardest time finding jeans alright But I'm six feet tall with skinny legs and birthing hips and a country club ass flat butt, there is no junk in my trunk.

I can never find jeans that have a mid-rise that don't look like "mom" jeans. And other designer jeans have such low cut rises, I'm afraid to be arrested for exposure.

I'm so excited about your jeans and am going to order another pair later this week smaller size. So excited for about your jeans. Can't wait to see what is coming soon. Maybe a straighter leg??????? My jeans arrived today and I cannot believe it! Well over a year ago I lost lbs. Due to the fact that I lost the weight on my own insurance will not pay for me to have the flat tire removed from my abdomen. They say that if I had surgery to lose the weight that they would have paid for plastic surgery.

In any case, jeans have been a real issue for me. I had finally settled on a man's jean that were "alright". But none the less I went to your website.

I was devastated when I saw the price of them. I saved for 5 months to be able to afford these jeans. The entire time thinking it was just another "gimmick".

Well, I was finally able to order the jeans and they arrived today. I cannot believe how these fit. It is like someone took every one of my exact measurements and made these jeans specifically for me.

Not only that but they are actually comfortable. How can they be so comfortable? They are like I am wearing a pair of sweats. I am going to have to start saving again so I can get a daywear pair now. Thank you so much. They are worth every penny. I love, love, love, love your jeans. If I could justify it I would have 5 or 6 pair but there aren't enough days in the week for me to wear that many pair. So glad you are going to make them in a shorter length.

I will check your web site for sure to see when they will be available. I must also say that every time I wear these jeans I get comment after comment after comment about "how mucy weight I have lost".

True, I have lost 11 lbs. They have truly changed my life. Laura, Gilbert, Arizona These are by far the most incredible, comfortable, make you look totally hot pair of jeans I have ever put on!! I usually have such a hard time finding jeans that are long enough that fit right in the thigh I am 5'11 and can still wear my favorite heels!!! Shiela, Chicago Illinois Received the jeans--and they are great!!!

An additional perk--they don't bag in the seat like my other jeans. I'm wearing them tonight. Can't wait till you have petites.

They do come up very large. For example I take a 26 in J Brands and they are a snug fit, the Hellos are also a 26 and would have needed a 25 otherwise great colour and lovely cut. They do everything as promised and make me look absolutley fabulous! The first day I wore them to work everyone from my friend at the post office, to my co-worker to my client, all asked me two questions, Number one question, Did you lose weight?

A little bit before the jeans but not much Number two was, What jeans are they? My Mom can't wait to try them on and order a pair for herself. Thank you so much for creating the best jeans on Earth and you have made a Skinny Jeans client for life!

After 5 children including a recent set of twins I needed jeans that did all yours promised! Normally I wouldn't spend as much as this, but after glancing over at the growing pile of less expensive jeans that I've purchased that don't fit well - I decided it would be cheaper in the long run to spend more money on one pair that actually fit well the rest can travel to e-bay!

Anyway - your jeans were absolutely true to your word! I love the chic look and the comfort I have never had a pair of jeans that didn't gap in the back at the waist They do not sag out at the end of the day, so I don't have to add them to my other mountains of laundry each time I wear them!

Here is where I need your help though The fact that they didn't gap at the waist made me think it must have been the right size I'm wondering if there is anything I can do about this - and have decided to turn to your expert opinion. Please let me know if you have any suggestions! Thank you for your time and dedication to making all us normal bodied people look great!

However, because the jeans are tight in the upper thigh for a slimming effect the jeans will pull down when you walk so you need to wear a belt!! Emily, Norfolk, Vermont Love your jeans.

Just bought my 1st pair last month to see how it would fit My short stocky legs are definitely my problem area and to wear skinny jeans was never an option before. Now, I wear them everywhere! Was a little wary about ordering on-line before trying them on first but glad I did! Very excited when you get the petites in! It is hard enough buying jeans, buy buying jeans over the Internet without trying them on, it seems I was headed for disaster.

I thought what the heck, let me give it a try, what have I got to lose They fit perfectly, just follow the size chart provided on the website. The denim used it extremely high quality, and they make me look half my size I am ordering more today! Jane, Atlanta, GA Hi: I have never seen anything like this We have 1 pair of night wash and 2 or 3 day wash.

Please let me know what I have on order that we are waiting on, I'm sure I will need to add more sizes to that order: I was never one of those girls who could wear skinnies until now! The fit is amazing and I truly do look and feel slimmer! I can't wait to wear them out this weekend and I will definitely be buying another pair I can't thank you enough for such fantastic fitting Jeans. I have been looking for these forever--they are the greatest.

Will you ever make a light blue denim??? I always wished I could look as good in jeans as I do in other kinds of pants, and now I do! These jeans do everything you claim and I am just thrilled.

I want to buy a whole arsenal! Thank you for a phenomenal product! Sally, Concord, CA The jeans arrived while my housekeeper was here and she almost screamed when she saw me in them - they trimmed me down that much! What is so astounding is that even though they cinch in my 64 year old body, they are really comfortable to wear. You are the genius of jeans! I will be ordering again, as will my daughter and friends. Thanks for my slender look.

I couldn't wait to get home from my cruise vacation and open my long awaited package! Don't tell anyone but I think I've worn my Skinny Jeans about 3 times in one week! I've been showing everyone I know and encouraging them to buy a pair too! My husband told me to order more pairs! So I just ordered a pair of Daywash. I think it's time to go through all of jeans and start getting rid of those "other ones". Keep up the good work! Siobhan, Berkely, CA thank you! I was working this job in LA, shooting every day blah blah blah.

Every day I would drive the creative director and art director in my car On day 4 I wore the dark jeans and the first thing he said, was are you ready? Look at you in those jeans! Told them they should let their wives know about it. Shelley, Venice, CA I still wear your jeans on a weekly basis..

They look and fit great!!! Other than that, these jeans are great!!! They are the best jeans I have ever had and I am definitely going to order more in the future. I will never buy a regular pair of jeans again!! Worth the wait and worth every penny. Thanks for your brilliance. Ellen, Toronto, Canada I'm really looking forward to getting my new jeans.

I have seen them on a colleague and they are gorgeous! Mary Jo, Little Silver, New Jesery My sister, Katie, was wearing the Skinny Jeans yesterday during a family event and my husband really noticed how nice they looked on her. Today, he made me call Katie to find out the name of the jeans and where to buy them. Also looking forward to the Whitewash. So great, I had to order another pair. They look awesome, and feel terrific. They are so comfortable, I can chase my three year old son, bend and play and look HOT doing it!!

These amazing jeans, can only be seconded by the most amazing customer service. The personalized care and commitment in today's world is nothing short of heaven sent. You and your jeans are a life saver!! Nina, Oslo, Norway Thank u for creating the most flattering pair of jeans I have ever seen!!

I have been searching for over a year for the jeans of my dreams, and here they are!!! Big thanks from a very happy girl in Norway!!!! Meirav, Atlanta, Georgia Its my 2nd pair of jeans and I'm in love: I also ordered a pair for my sister who's just given birth - I cant wait to see them on her. The jeans dark wash fit perfectly to size, I'm a size 0 and I ordered a 24" and they are so comfortable I could sleep in them!

Every time I wear them I get so many compliments I've referred at least 10 people to this site to get a pair too. I am about twenty pounds overweight and I carry it in my middle.

The waist band hits in a perfect spot for secure cinching. My clothes look better over these jeans than any of my other designer brands. Thanks to Oprah Magazine for featuring your unique jeans and I wish to continued success. Good luck filling all of those orders! Roberta, Sacramento, CA Even though the size I ordered is too small and I need to exchange them, just trying them on I realized how great these jeans are and why they are worth the money.

I am a short slightly stocky person and it is amazing how flattering they are-they made me look tall and on the lean side.

I can't wait to get the right size! They hug where they are suppose to and give where there should be no huggin'!! I bought the dark wash which goes with anything and helps even more to be "skinny.

Julie, Mclean, Virginia I love these jeans! I put them on over the Thanksgiving holiday and they looked and felt terrific. You can dress them down and dress them up and always look polished.

A friend sent pictures she took of me at a party and I was really happy how I looked in the pictures. I am tall and have always been thin until after I had two children; my body then became much more curvy.

When I wear skinny jeans I am more confident in my appearance. And they are so comfortable! All my friends now want to order some too. I can't wait to get the black corduroys for the Christmas holidays. It is my present to me! Thank you skinny jeans — for making a pair of jeans that I look and feel great in — NOW — how about starting a line of bras?

Just to let you know that I got the jeans, they are amazing!!! I've never had a weight issue , but they make the body look fantastic. Let me know if you have any other products coming out.

Cheryl, Boston, Massachusetts Ladies, just get a pair I've tried on possibly hundreds of jeans, expensive jeans, to no avail.

These jeans make me look tall, slim, and chic! They are extremely comfortable and you can wear them with heels or with flip flops and still look fantastic! Worth the investment for sure! Rebecca, Toronto, Canada I am looking to use the attached photo in one of our documentaries.

The photo would be posted on a wall as our director tries jeans on in a dressing room — none of which fit. She looks up in envy at the poster of a girl with the perfect jeans. I had come across this photo of your jeans while searching on the Internet. I think I wore them 15 times before I washed them. They are really really great!! It's always better to look your best. They make a gap in-between my legs that immediately make anyone look 5 lbs lighter.

Also, the high waist is fabulous tummy control. The materials all stretch, hold, and sculpt the perfect figure. I wear them more than the expensive designer jeans I own!

Andrea, New York, New York Yesterday, I tried on a few jeans, but they were all too low and they have that bagginess in the inner thigh. Yours fit me the best. I love jeans with blazers

Skinny Jeans And Slip-Ons

Caution: Curvy Girl Rocking White Skinny Jeans. I actually LOVE wearing white. There’s something so fresh and clean about a white outfit unless you’re eating tacos or spaghetti when wearing it. 😉 However, there are many full-figured women who don’t think they can wear white, specifically white skinny jeans. You might just be one of them. Black skinny jeans work well with everything from simple T-shirts and sneakers to silk tank tops and dress boots. White jeans or lightweight jeggings are perfect for warmer months. Look to Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren and MICHAEL Michael Kors for sleek styles. Related: white skinny jeans men white stretch skinny jeans mens white skinny jeans white pants white skinny jeans 27 white skinny jeans levis white skinny jeans 29 black skinny jeans white skinny jeans 10 white skinny jeans 0. Striped Black and White Skinny Jeans. Brand New · Unbranded. $ Buy It Now. Free Shipping. 25+ Watching.