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Hi Gillian, The Real Real sounds great!

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You are so wise to start with the basics! Caroline is extra good at showing us this. Or if you wear something new or new to them. So fashion is for YOU to enjoy and have fun. And for those around you who enjoy seeing new attire.

Shopping online is one of my favorite things — for many of the reasons you mentioned. Like Old Navy, for instance. Oh, and I always google for promo codes and use rewardStyle and ebates! SUCH a great post! Yes to all these tips! It absolutely dulls the instant gratification factor. Thanks for sharing Caroline. I love this post, thanks for it! I have always loved online shopping, maybe a little too much.

I find myself spending much more when shopping online. And online, you can shop with your adorable dog! We have a whippet so I may be biased, but your dog is so cute! A lot of things I find in the stores often look nothing like what they look like online, so it really helps to do that when possible.

One tip to getting free online returns is calling customer service when you happen to get a damaged or unsatisfactory quality item in the mail. They can often expedite the return faster this way. That is a really smart tip.

These are all great! Keeping note of my measurements and what sizes I typically wear for particular brands has been a gamechanger. It also makes it that much easier to buy favorite brands secondhand online. I generally shop from my favourite stores like Country Road in Aus online as I know what size I am with those guys but being too lazy and forgetful when it comes to returns from other places like ASOS means I have a small stash of things to give away.

Thanks for the tips on how to be more mindful of returns! Such a great post, Caroline! Bookmarked for future reference as well. I love all of your suggestions!

I am new to shopping online, and have often been hesitant because of sizing. I LOVE the style you are putting forth, it really resonates with me. I just find it hard to trust these brands on sizing. If you find any links in your general style for us larger ladies, I would love to see that! Keep on inspiring Caroline! Thanks so much for the thoughtful recommendation. I never want my readers to feel that a look is unattainable because of size.

On that note, I hope you can see these posts as just ideas — and still be able to find looks that you love without actual links. Thanks again for the suggestion. I also keep a list of my measurements and which brands and stores I like. And I have made photos of all my clothes, bags and shoes or just download the photos that are in the online shops. I also buy things second hand online and it helps a lot to know the measurements of my fav pieces. Kind regards from Norway. I love that you keep photos, so your shopping goals are at your fingertips!

Online I can look through many versions of something easily. You can be anywhere and if you have a smartphone, you can be shopping. For a while it turned into way too much of a habit. I found myself online shopping for hours the same way some people binge watch Netflix. I was doing it daily. I was still buying more than I needed because it was so easy. Also — what a horrible way to spend that amount of time! I chose one night a week that I could shop online. That way I could look forward to it, keep it in check, plus there would actually be new things in stock!

But I had to do the opposite… An endless supply of online stores was a dangerous thing because I could just keep going. So, I limited my options to my five proven favourites and stuck to those. Next, by shopping at just my proven favourites, if I do buy something, I almost always end up with a winner. So those dreaded returns are rare.

Plus, since most of my stuff is from the same pool of places, they go with each-other really well. Which makes it way easier to plan outfits! I have a shopping list and stick to it. This stops impulse purchases. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and detailed comment! A lot of people are looking for advice like this.

Now I order almost all of my clothes online. I typically will order at least 2 sizes to try on, yes this means more money is tied up in the beginning but that usually helps me qualify for free shipping anyway.

But I promise I would spend that money if I were at a mall or somewhere else on coffee, gas, a random clearance item, etc. I also find online shopping to help with keeping my purchases on target.

I can build a shopping cart or Wishlist and look at it for a few days or a few weeks even, I almost always end up editing it down before I actually buy. I can compare multiple stores at the same time and try on the item with my own clothes and practice remixing it in my wardrobe before I decide to keep or not.

I love all the tips you give! I do need a bit of advice. Do you have any advice on how to put blinders on and avoid the temptation? Hi Alexa — oh that employee discount would be tempting, for sure!

I guess I would offer similar tips as I did to those who struggle with overdoing it online. If you keep a list on your phone or in your purse of only the things that you need to buy, then only allow yourself to buy those few items. It may even help to use the capsule planner to keep your intentions clear. And let them sit there. If I still like something whenever it eventually goes on sale, to the cart it goes!

Gives me plenty of time to think if the item really fits my style and fills a need in my closet. Hi Taryn, I totally agree, you have to look at whether you love the item itself, or the sale price tag it came with. I like that you give yourself a waiting period. It makes the purchase so much more intentional. These are all great tips. I only had a problem once, that I can remember. Even then, I took it back to the actual store and they let me exchange for another size, so it turned out to be worth it.

I would love to read your ideas. If you want specific tips on putting together a capsule wardrobe, you can always reference my past posts: I also lived in the big city forever and have recently moved to a small town and have found my lack access to my main stores has left me feeling out of touch.

I am afraid to buy online because of fit, but I also hate to waste my time in the city shopping the whole time. I also have a question about the duvet cover…is yours the blue or grey stripe at Ikea?

You might give it a try some time. Take care and keep writing! Hi Gillian, The Real Real sounds great! I wish more online stores did that. I love all your posts! I am on step one of creating a capsule closet. What are your go to fabrics that you love? These tips are all awesome! I am building a capsule wardrobe entirely with tints so saturated hues that have had white added to them, eg bright navy blue as opposed to a navy blue that looks almost black.

So the solution has been to take a picture of the colour card or the piece of clothing I want to match it to then upload it and do a split screen of my photo side by side with the clothing I want to buy online. This usually eliminates differences in screen colour and real life colour: Anyways I hope that tip helps someone out! Thanks for coming back to blogging: This is a great post! For me, in-store shopping is sadly a rare occasion too!

Where does the time go… Bonnie x http: Unfortunately online shopping is not for me — as several readers already mentioned above, I tend to over spend, shopping online is so easy! Thanks so much for your comments about Everlane.

I bought this super cute romper, and its adorable. Fantastic practical tips for online shopping! If I had shopped in stores for an item I might have gotten something just right, but rarely at the first store or the first item tried on.

I still might change my mind later and want to return it. So, time and gas money needed again. Then time to look for something to replace the returned item. Or at least a Starbucks run. Balances out pretty well. Hi Carol, what a great way of looking at it! You and your time are absolutely important and putting a dollar value on it really makes you think. Do you know of any good retailers that offer petite sizes?

I know Nordstrom sells petites, but I often find most of it is not my style. Crew offers petite sizes as well as Asos, Banana Republic, Anthropologie and I just saw a site called Petite Bomb that has a guide to brands that carry petite sizes. If you want to learn more about fabrics Fabric for Fashion: The Complete Guide and its companion Fabric for Fashion: I completely agree with you.

I also live in a small town so I often have to shop online. But I do prefer to try things on I a real shop. I used to try to remove all the labels, etc.

Some of them seem to be designed to turned inside out, and have self-adhesive built in no tape needed. That IS a great tip. Such a great way to cut down on waste! Online shopping can be rough, especially for a petite girl like me. I can never get the right fit. Thank you so much for the list of stores! I love your style and free shipping is awesome! I do most of my shopping online because, even though I live in a big city, I find it a lot easier to browse from my living room with a cup of tea than traipse around stores and find nothing I like.

One of my strategies is to add all I feel like getting to the cart and then putting out. Other tip is not to pay with a credit card. This hits right at home with me! I used to LOVE shopping in-store, also for that instant gratification. I am starting a fit kit right now, before I engage in the Boxing Week shopping online extravaganza.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I never liked shopping online. I never even gave it a chance. Ah, the dreaded return. Then I moved to a small town. But now, a year into small town life, I do. Remember my frustrated questions earlier?

In about 10 minutes, you can jump start your fabric notes: Look through your closet. Look at the tag. What is it made of? How thick or thin is the fabric? Anything else special about the fabric? Pull out a couple of pieces that do wrinkle.

You get the idea. You could do this with pilling, stretching, and shrinking too. Perhaps it has to do with the brand or where the fabric is made Brands.

But my favorite thing about shopping online? Comments Where is your bedding from? I love the stripes! Hi Kristin and Brittany! If you're looking for other types of trousers, our men's pants section includes flat-front chinos, pleated dress pants, utility cargo and carpenter pants, sweats and comfort styles in a range of colors from light khaki to black.

For warm-weather wear, we have a generous selection of shorts that includes relaxed fits for weekend wear or tailored styles that you can wear to work or a business casual event. Our jeans, pants and shorts also offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate men of different ages and body types. For those times when only a suit and tie will cut it for dress code, visit our suit shop.

You can choose from complete two- or three-piece suit sets that include all the necessary components, such as a jacket and trousers, or you can shop for separates to put together your own look for any occasion.

From khaki pants and classic navy blue blazers to all-black suits and even some edgier modern styles in colors like dark green or burgundy, you have many different options to consider. We also offer accessories like bowties, ties, vests and cummerbunds so you can get a complete look for the nicer side of your wardrobe.

Look for specific colors for suit accessories so you can match the right hues for weddings and other special events. Useful, comfortable clothing can make it a lot easier to get active. Whether you're playing basketball, going for a run, lifting weights at the gym, hiking or walking the dog, our men's activewear section has the shorts, pants, shirts, hoodies and jerseys you need to stay comfortable.

You'll find sleeveless shirts and tank tops along with shorts for vigorous activity and warm weather in addition to long pants, long sleeves and fleece hoodies and jackets for chillier weather. Select compression clothing for wear during your outdoor workouts, and look for separates made of moisture-wicking fabric to maintain comfort and coolness. Jackets, coats, vests and insulated bib pants can be essential components of a complete wardrobe when temperatures start to drop. Our men's outerwear section includes these items in a range of different styles and weights, allowing you to find the pieces you need to stay dry, warm and protected from the elements.

Cotton, fleece, nylon, polyester, wool blends and leather are among the most commonly used materials in this section.

Styles ranging from utilitarian ponchos and coveralls to modern jackets and vests give you the ability to create the right outerwear wardrobe for every social situation and weather scenario. Lounging around the house on weekends and going to sleep after a long day at work just wouldn't be the same without the right clothes. Walmart's men's clothing section provides a variety of different sleepwear items, including flannel pajama pants, soft jersey lounge pants, complete sweatsuits, matching pajama top-and-bottom sets, relaxed-fit pajama shorts, casual T-shirt sleep tops and onesie styles as well.

You can also find a selection of robes in materials such as absorbent cotton and plush fleece to help you dry off quickly after a shower or wrap up in cozy warmth after changing out of street clothes and into pajamas.

The right clothes aren't complete without the proper base layer, and our men's clothing section includes a wide range of underwear, undershirts and sock styles so you can match your foundation garments to the kinds of tops and bottoms you're wearing. Briefs, boxer briefs, boxers and long underwear pants are all available in different cuts, materials and colors for you to choose from based on what kind of shorts or trousers you're wearing and what the weather's like outside.

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