This is a really fun and interesting idea for innovative nail art: paint your base coat and let it dry, then add a clear coat and drape and loop the cotton string so that it sticks to the still wet coat.

A manicure and a pedicure are beauty treatments that trim, shape, and polish the nail. It is a type of artwork that can be done on fingernails and toenails , usually after manicures or pedicures. Nail art is a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish the nails. That's a really good idea, I'll find out how to enable photo comments! Get a lovely printed nails using the alcohol trick thereby polishing small portions of nails in black.

35 Nail Designs That Are So Perfect for Fall. then achieve the world's easiest nail art by drawing a thin, single line down one nail per hand. 11 Creative and Easy Toenail Designs.
With that increasing spectrum of styles, varieties and design ideas, nail art has given to more awe-inspiring looks and a whole new rainbow of colors, looking just so .
Jun 05,  · These 10 easy DIY YouTube nail art designs are so easy to do because they don’t require any professional nail art tools - just items you can .
So Easy Pickerr Uperr is a nail tech's dream and the easy way to pick up rhinestones and place on the nail to obtain beautiful, creative designs. The 2-sided wand with one large and one small silicone end allows for picking up large and small rhinestones/5(11).
35 Nail Designs That Are So Perfect for Fall. then achieve the world's easiest nail art by drawing a thin, single line down one nail per hand. 11 Creative and Easy Toenail Designs.
1. Water Spotted Beach Nails : 2 Ways

35 Nail Designs That Are So Perfect for Fall. then achieve the world's easiest nail art by drawing a thin, single line down one nail per hand. 11 Creative and Easy Toenail Designs.

This is a really fun and interesting idea for innovative nail art: Once it has dried, top it off with another clear coat so that the string will stay in place.

Use a slanted makeup brush to splatter a color or combination of colors on your nails for an incredible DIY Jackson Pollock-esque manicure. Cut the straw in half shorter means more control , dip the bottom in nail polish, and simply blow it onto your nails for the same effect.

Remember those shearing scissors you loved to use in school? Use these scissors to cut zig-zag shapes with your scotch tape so that you can use them for the perfect zig-zag or scalloped pattern. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Prev Page 1 of 4 Next. Apply the blue base coat on clean nails.

Paint three red spots on nails that appear like leaves. Put the same shaped white spot inside the red and then with the black nail color. Your distinct colorful nail art is ready to match up with your dress. Tribal nail art is completely obsessed with triangles and polka dots.

And when the magic happen on black base with white enamel, a wonderful tribal matte design is created. Alternate filled triangles with black base looks incredible when polka dots accompany the design. When you do nail art with white and black, they assure you that they are with you forever since no other color can match any colored outfits, unlike black and white.

Moreover, the tribal tortoise nail art will look miraculous with the tribal outfit including the bohemian garb. How fascinating a nail art could be when it could get hills for your nails? No doubt, innumerable tribes existed over hills emerging out this amazing tribal design for nail art. You may wear knuckle rings as to glorify the design and make out a new fashion statement.

This fully studded nail art will do it all for you to make your nails look exotic. Silver enamel base with diamonds studded over it as to make it attractive. You may color other nails with color that matches your apparel. Polish out to make an anchor thereby sticking the rhinestone at the tip of the anchor. You may also stick studs and rhinestones along the anchor to get a new design. Let other nails be simple and in one hue as to intensify the glory of one nail.

Use glitter nail enamel at the tip of the nails as to make it shine calmly. Add up the beautiful rhinestones sticking it at the tip of glitter pretending as if the wave of glitter is going on intensifying at its best. Color three nails with pink and two with white. You may use simple non-glittering studs to decorate your nails.

Else the diamond rhinestones are best to use it for studded pink nail art. You may add up the lined texture on one of the nails for a change and uniqueness. What makes nail art a matter of fun and creativity is the fact that you can color your leaves in pink as well!

Yes, indeed, you can! Paint nails in white and make out the mind-blowing leafy design that involves only the border line of leaves making it an absolute one. Paint a nail with glittered nail color and draw flowers over it. You may add up stud as well so as to make it even more amazing.

You may wear a mini one piece with the outfit as to match the nail art with the attire. Do you want your nails to eat watermelon along with you? The adorable watermelon designs looks fascinating and mouth-watering over white base coat. Paint out watermelons on two nails and let the three nails be simply pink colored. You may also get zigzag lines in white colored nail enamel. It looks so classy when you give a sharp edged shape to your nails and paint it in grey mirror enamel which looks like a stunning metallic mirror.

You may use black, silver, purple or any other color to see your extra large funny face on your nail. You could give your dangerous nails a dangerous look by painting a horrible devil on it.

To recreate this stunning yet simple nail art, you will need nail enamels in medium blue, light Blue, sandy beige, white, and orange shades, along with some iridescent glitter, a dotting tool, alcohol spray, water, and a cup.

Janelle Estep showcases the steps to bring some aqua magic to your fingertips with these Water Spotted Beach Nails in just a few minutes. Those who are a fan of fantasy fiction would simply fall in love with these Peter Pan inspired nails that let you grab a hold of your loved character by recreating his collars on your fingertips using only the two classic shades of color — Black and White, adorned with some bright golden beads.

The charm lies in a clever use of some binder paper ring stickers, and getting it all done takes no more than nine easy-to-follow steps. The below tutorial by The Beauty Department takes you through the visual instructions to put together this cute nail art. Holi is all about splashes of vibrance and joy disguised in colors. Pay a wonderful tribute to essence of the festival with these multi-colored Holi inspired nails.

Forming a triangle on a white background with the help of some striping tape, you turn it into a piece of art filling it with loads of different shades of nail varnish. If minimalistic and subtle is your cup of tea, this pretty nail art design painting a lace pattern onto your tips is something you would quite adore.

And the monochrome tone of white for pulling off the complete design makes this one stand out with grace. What you need to gather is an airbrush, a nail base coat, a top coat, white nail polish, and a piece of lace.

Adding a bit more glam to the pattern is your take and just needs a few rhinestones with a little glue. Check out the full tutorial by All Day Chic.

Why not celebrate the changing of the seasons with some sassy nail art and wear your favorite spring colors and designs? Try your hands at a colorful design transforming your fingertips into a vibrant canvas of shades, each flaunting a unique color of spring. Layering bold dots over a French mani, this one yields some wonderful results with just a little effort and time.

In fact, this is hands down one of the simplest nail design ideas putting Polka dots to great use. Just grab your favorite colors, top coat, base coat, and a dotting tool. Add a real bow to your tips, making them a gift-inspired piece of creativity. You just need to follow six simple steps explained in the below tutorial by Mod Cloth. Water marbling has taken the world of manicure by a storm, making creative and cute nail designs without actually using any artistic skills or complicated nail art tools.

Steal the show with lots of randomly moving stripes on your nail sporting seven tones of the rainbow in the most vibrant ways ever. Mucking Fusser explains how you can create the stripey pattern on your fingertips using the wonderful water marble technique, and transform them into a colorful lightning bolt with a little addition of some nail vinyls and a gorgeous black nail enamel.

Going for a quick beach getaway and want to go with the theme just perfect? The below tutorial shares the six steps you must implement to let your nails donn a lovely Nautical Manicure with the help of a red nail polish, a midnight blue enamel, a white polish, and a striping brush or toothpick.

The key is to perform some easy-to-achieve striping that leaves some truly endearing end results when done! Getting a pretty nail art done might seem to be for those with a steady hand for drawing.

The sky's the limit when you have It's So Easy products to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind nail art designs. Custom CMS block displayed at the left sidebar on the Catalog Page. Put your own content here: text, html, images, media whatever you like. Oh, it is a so-easy nail art that will need hardly five minutes to get exotically completed. Paint four nails in red and one nail in dark blue. Put horizontal lines in those three fingers and vertical lines in .