1. Br J Sports Med. Apr;47(5) doi: /bjsports Consensus statement on concussion in sport: the 4th International Conference on Concussion in Sport .

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ABSTRACT. This paper examines the relationship between anxiety and performance from a cognitive-behavioral perspective. Previous research in the field has suggested that the majority of consultations conducted by sport psychologists are related to anxiety.
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Exclusive Interview With Matt Miazga. Lawyers of Ronaldo's Accuser Speak. Djokovic Hungry To Top Rankings. Scientific inquiry has revealed five key ways in which music can influence preparation and competitive performances: During submaximal exercise, music can narrow attention, in turn diverting the mind from sensations of fatigue. This diversionary technique, known to psychologists as dissociation, lowers perceptions of effort. Effective dissociation can promote a positive mood state, turning the attention away from thoughts of physiological sensations of fatigue.

This effect holds for low and moderate exercise intensities only; at high intensities, perceptions of fatigue override the impact of music, because attentional processes are dominated by physiological feedback, for example respiration rate and blood lactate accumulation.

Although music does not reduce the perception of effort during high intensity work, it does improve the experience thereof: It makes hard training seem more like fun, by shaping how the mind interprets symptoms of fatigue. Nevertheless, the runner is likely to find the experience more pleasurable.

The bottom line is that during a hard session, music has limited power to influence what the athlete feels, but it does have considerable leverage on how the athlete feels. Music thus provides arousal regulation fostering an optimal mindset.

Ostensibly, fast tempi are associated with higher arousal levels than slow tempi. Karageorghis and Lee examined the interactive effects of music and imagery on an isometric muscular endurance task which required participants to hold dumbbells in a cruciform position for as long as possible.

The authors found that the combination of music and imagery, when compared to imagery only, music only, or a control condition, enhanced muscular endurance see Figure 1 , although it did not appear to enhance the potency of the imagery.

The main implication of the study was that employing imagery to a backdrop of music may be a useful performance-enhancement strategy that can be integrated in a pre-event routine. Research has consistently shown that the synchronization of music with repetitive exercise is associated with increased levels of work output.

This applies to such activities as rowing, cycling, cross-country skiing, and running. Musical tempo can regulate movement and thus prolong performance. Synchronizing movements with music also enables athletes to perform more efficiently, again resulting in greater endurance. Mean m times for synchronous motivational music, synchronous oudeterous music, and a no-music control. Music can impact positively on the acquisition of motor skills.

Think back to elementary school days and your initial physical education lessons, which were probably set to music. Music-accompanied dance and play created opportunities to explore different planes of motion and improve coordination. Scientific studies have shown that the application of purposefully selected music can have a positive effect on stylistic movement in sport Chen, ; Spilthoorn, , although there has been no recent research to build upon initial findings.

There are three plausible explanations for the enhancement of skill acquisition through music. First, music replicates forms of bodily rhythm and many aspects of human locomotion. Hence, music can transport the body through effective movement patterns, the body providing an apparent visual analogue of the sound.

Second, the lyrics from well-chosen music can reinforce essential aspects of a sporting technique. Recent research in sports settings has indeed found that music promotes flow states. Using a single-subject, multiple-baselines design, Pates, Karageorghis, Fryer, and Maynard examined the effects of pre-task music on flow states and netball shooting performance of three collegiate players.

Two participants reported an increase in their perception of flow, and all three showed considerable improvement in shooting performance. The researchers concluded that interventions including self-selected music and imagery could enhance athletic performance by triggering emotions and cognitions associated with flow. Karageorghis and Deeth , furthermore, investigated the effects of motivational music on flow during a multistage fitness test. The multiple dimensions of the flow experience were represented by the factors incorporated in the Flow State Scale FSS developed by Jackson and Marsh When compared to oudeterous music and a no-music control condition, motivational music led to increases in several FSS factors.

What type of activity is being undertaken? How does that activity affect other athletes or exercisers? What is the desired outcome of the session?

What music-playing facilities are available? Some activities lend themselves particularly well to musical accompaniment, for example those that are repetitive in nature: In each case, the athlete should make selections from a list of preferred tracks that have a rhythm and tempo that match the type of activity to be undertaken. Our research team has been instrumental in managing the music policy for Run to the Beat and in ensuring that runners are delivered music that is appropriate to their preferences and sociocultural backgrounds.

An athlete or exerciser whose goal during warm-up is elevating the heart rate to beats per minute should select accompanying music that has a tempo in the range of 80— beats per minute. Successive tracks should create a gradual rise in music tempo to match the intended gradual increase in heart rate. Moreover, segments of music can be tailored to various components of training, so that, for example, work time and recovery time are punctuated by music that is alternately fast and loud or slow and soft.

This approach is especially well suited to highly structured sessions such as circuit or interval training. Our recent research has uncovered the tendency among athletes and exercisers to coordinate bursts of effort with those specific segments of a musical track they find to be especially motivating. The segmentation effect is particularly strong if the individual knows the musical track very well and can anticipate the flow of the music.

It is also beneficial to match the tempo of music with the intensity of the workout. Coaches and athletes must choose how selected tracks will be delivered before or during training or competition.

Music intended to enhance group cohesion or inspire a group of athletes is best delivered with a portable hi-fi system or stadium public address system. If distraction is an important consideration, the volume at which music is played should be set quite high, but not high enough to cause discomfort or leave a ringing in the ears. The researchers suggest accompanying training activities with music, to enable athletes to tap into the power of sound.

To start, assemble a wide selection of familiar tracks that meet the following six criteria: Choose tracks with different tempi, to coincide with alternate low-, medium-, and high-intensity training. A further consideration is variety among selections. Table 1 presents titles of motivational tracks suitable for different components of a single training session with a specific individual in mind.

We have established that there are many ways in which music can be applied to both training and competition.


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